SafeNet SafeNet

Greek self regulatory body for the Internet content


The Internet is a great place that offers limitless opportunities for knowledge and entertainment.

But dangers do exist:


  • Children can come across inappropriate pornographic or offensive material.
  • Children can make contact with those who would seek to harm them.
  • Children are at risk to the pressures of subtle, but powerful advertising on the Internet.
  • Children can become immersed and addicted and may lose out on developing their social skills, finishing their homework or playing face to face with other children.


  • Always tell a parent or adult if you come across bad language, distasteful pictures or find material which is scary or threatening.
  • Always keep your personal details safe and never give out your name, address or school's name.
  • Only agree to meet someone you have met in cyberspace once you have your parents/carer's permission, and then only when they can be present.
  • Take care when chatting to people in a chat room or through email. Never hang around if someone makes you feel uncomfortable or worried.